Biblant eBay rules

Please read the following carefully before bidding on our auctions or buying eBay store inventory.
If you do not agree to these statements - please do not bid or buy anything from us. But actually it would be nice if you would buy something :).

  1. After you have won the item, you have 5 work days to pay through Paypal or your bank account. If you are unable to pay in time, PLEASE LET US KNOW. We are very flexible and usually, if you are away on holiday, we have no problem with you paying later. If we do not hear anything from you in 5 work days we open a case on eBay, write you a negative comment and relist the item, after that we will not accept any bids from you.

  2. After the payment has been received, we ship the item in 2 or 3 work days. If we are unable to do so - we will inform you. After the item has been shipped, you'll receive an "Your item has been shipped" email from eBay, but you can also ask us, if you feel to.

  3. We combine magazines, books, items and other big stuff, but the price for the shipping stays the same for every item you've bought. It's not because we are greedy, it's because 4$ for a book is a eBay standart fee and it usually takes more $ to ship, so if you ordered two magazines for 10$ and want them to be shipped for 4$, it won't happen, cause the shipping for two magazines from EU to US will be 15$. It won't just make sense. On the other hand we will combine shipping then it's possible - for example two postcards will be posted for 4$ for sure :). So, the shipping price is usually set by us and is not negotiable, sorry. Anyway we can promise a good handling and good wrapping of your item.

  4. Items are sold as they are. No refunds and no returns whatsoever. If you are unsure about anything - please mail us ( for information / photos / scans etc. Usually it takes 1 day for us to answer your questions, so there is no point in requesting scans of item that ends in 3 hours.

  5. We are very flexible and understandable :). So don't hesistate to write us. And if you are looking for something in the area of Russian memorabilia and antiques - please let us know. We have a lot of items in stock and even more - at our partners stores. Btw, we too have a store at (soon it'll be in English too).

  6. Positive feedback is always welcome. We always leave feedback after a succesfull transaction and hope you do it too :).

  7. Offers. We believe in compromise, but don't go beyond the line :). You can make an offer for any of our items and we usually make a counteroffer, and the counteroffer price is the final price. Don't offer anything, cause you'll get no response in most cases.